Best Blogging Niches to Earn More Than 100K$ per month

Best Blog Niches – Yes, I know that you know what is blogging and I don’t want to waste your time, You are here because you are in search of the best blog niches. But it’s more important than blogging to choose a best blogging niche. 

If you want to do blogging for a long time you have to know what you love. If you already know then it’s good but if you are still confused. let me help you, in these two simple 3 steps

Step 1. Write down your hobbies in your notebook maybe it can be singing, dancing, watching movies, or anything else just write it.

Step 2. On which hobbies invest most of the time. mine is sleeping but it doesn’t make money.

Step 3. Now select one on which you love to write and learn about it. I May not be writing yet but you can give a long lecture on it without any break or stop.

Is it simple if Yes then it’s good but if you are still confused drop your comment I promise I will help you?

Don’t worry about how your blog going to make money. It will definitely make money, you just need to start your blogging. But you need some digital marketing knowledge to drive traffic to make it profitable. Don’t worry about that I will help you there also. Things you need now just start blogging so let’s get started.

These are the most common ways to earn from blogging

Google ads:- This is the main earning source of most bloggers and the most common source of earning through blogging. Even if your website is only meme or joke focused, Google pays a good amount to you. You just need good traffic on your blog. You can also read this blog on how to increase blog traffic fast.

Sponsorship:- Not so common but most beneficial way to earn through blogging without monetizing it. So many big brands and small brands are ready to pay a good amount if you have good relevant traffic. 

Affiliate Marketing:- It’s simple just help a company to sell their product and earn a commission. You may have heard this term so many times. Many websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc have their affiliate programs. 

Promotion :- It can be a promotion of a service, product or an app.  

These are some of the most profitable blog niches along with the most possible ways of earning 

1. Food Blogging – Interesting Blog Blog Niche

food blogging image

We all love food, not sure about you, but I love food and whenever I see food photo’s my mind automatically forces me to see that photo. May it also happen to you so we can understand the value of food blogging. 

Is it really profitable? Yes Of Course!!! it’s a profitable blogging niche, but now let me make it more simple for you 

These are the ways you can make money through this food blogging niche.

1. Google display ads 

2. local Hotels promotion 

3. Food app promotion 

It can generate more than 100K$ income in a month. You Just need patience, regularity and right strategy to get success in right path

2. Best Blogging Niche – Fashion Blogging

fashion for blogging

This is the most searched blog on the web and having a very high engagement on the internet. So there are huge possibilities you can make good money through a fashion blogging niche in 2021. Even this fashion blog has more than 10k-100K searches monthly.

These are The some best way to earn through blogging

1. Google ads 

2. fashionable products

3. Celebrities Promotion

4. brand endorsement 

5. Modeling institute promotion

6. Instagram promotion 

7. You can be a modeling coach 

3. Personal Finance Blogging – Most Profitable Blogs

finance related image

It’s really hard to manage our money in our daily life so it can be a great opportunity for us also. It is not so common but also the most profitable blogging niche of all time.

For Example, I am Having a lot of money but It’s hard for me to manage it. So there’s a great opportunity if your blog helps me a lot you can easily convince me to get better results by joining your class.

Ways to make money through personal finance blogging

1. Paid session. eg Dr. vivek bindra

2. Finance promotion

3. Life insurance promotion

4. Money management app promotion 

4. Best Blogging Niche – Lifestyle Blogging

It covers almost every blogging niches like Fashion, health, kids, movies and so many others. If you chosen this I challenge you can’t complete whole part unless you become older age of 70,80 or 90

Ways to earn money through Life style bogging 

1. Google ads

2. Movie promotion

3. affiliate marketing

4. Household service or product promotion

5. Best Blogging Niche – Health and fitness 

health related blogging tips

One of the most popular blogging niches you can target a very huge audience. You’re most of the audience or in trouble and motivated to get help, so you can give them a great direction and earn money to help them. 

Ways to earn Through Health and fitness blogging

1. Health Products affiliate marketing

2. Hospital promotion or doctor promotion

3. Yoga coach and places promotion

You don’t need to find these people who going to pay you. If you having more than enough traffic to grow their business they will contact. Exemple I had started new fashion brand and I want to get promoted it by Selena Gomez. Will Selena Gomez reach me or I will reach Selena gomez. 

6. Business and marketing

Marketing image for best blogging niche

Most toughest but also profitable blog niche. You can educate people to grow their business or career in digital marketing. People Like Neil patel, Backlinko, Pro-bloggers are working on this niche. 

Ways to earn money through Business and marketing blog

1. Google ads 

2. Tools affiliate marketing 

3. Institute Promotion

4. Service Provider (If I can do it for myself than also for Yourself) 

5. Digital marketing trainer

7. Technology and gaming

7. Technology and Gaming Blogging – Top Niche for Blogging

gaming blogging

I really love gaming and spend more than 1-2hrs daily just watching gaming blogs and Vlogs. But How it’s profitable even in 2021 or after 2021 Let me explain to you with an example:-

Mobile is a technology or electronics device and I want to buy a new phone at my budget of 20,000rs, but I am confused? So I searched for the best mobile phones under 20,000 and I get your blog from google. You had explained in a better way a direct link to buy along with a good description.

You cleared my confusion plus helped the company to sell their product. let’s imagine if you helped me one how many other people are also confused like me. So you can imagine how much you can earn daily.

Ways to earn through Technology and gaming blogging

1. google ads 

2. Affiliate marketing

3. Company promotion

4. Gamming app promotion

5. Live streaming

8. Travel blogging – best niche to start a blog

travel blogging image

Most people love to travel but not all can afford to visit the whole world. But they can enjoy a place through your blogging or vlogging. But so many people travel daily from one place to other places. You can help them to visit the best places and that’s a great source of earning through blogging.

Ways to earn through Blogging

1. Google ads 

2. Hotels promotion- hotel owners pay very high fees to promote their hotel

3. Affiliate marketing – Camera, goggles Hats and etc

Pro Tip – Many people have selected their Best Blogging niche but they are afraid of one thing. That is, people think they don’t have enough knowledge about how to start a blog.

If this is your problem then let me clear you there is nothing unique about the internet. When You search for knowledge on Google, Almost every result is the same but the thing that is different is Way of expression that makes it unique. 

This blog is extremely helpful to you if want to start blog writing without any knowledge:- URL How to write a blog post.

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