Facebook Marketing Strategies For Influencer and Businesses

hello there, if you had created Facebook page and can reach right audience or page isn’t growing. This blog will help you to grow your by Facebook page faster by these Facebook marketing strategies.

Define your audience

Before starting any step or making any marketing strategy first you need to make filter your audience. Ask these simple 7 questions to yourself to define right audience to make an awesome facebook marketing strategy.

Q1. Which age audience you want to target
Q2. What gender person is going to be your audience, If your audience are both gender’s don’t worry select both.
Q3. Education background of you audience
Q4. Do you want to target high, medium or low purchasing power persons
Q5. language and location of your targeted audience
Q6. Challenges they are facing so you can grab their pain point
Q7. Social background of your audience For eg, School pass out’s, Business person or another ones.

Be Patience overnight success doesn’t exist.

But you will say we had seen many stars that got viral overnight, But remind your self is they are still in trend? Obviously not!! Their Success was for a few time only.

If you want to taste real success you have to be patience and regular to your dedication. These Facebook marketing strategies will also took time but these all are practical tips. So I can guarantee you that these tips defiantly going to boost you Facebook page performance.

Set your sales, leads or purpose goals

It’s just like you had planed a long trip but you don’t know where you want to go. So set your goals to make better strategy and grow your Facebook page faster. And It become really easy to set goals in Facebook You don’t need any technical knowledge to set goals.

Follow these steps to set goals in Facebook

Step 1. Go to Creator Studio > Monetization > Stars.
Step 2. Click on the Goals tab, or scroll down to Tools > Stars goals and click on Manage goals.
Step 3. Click + Add Stars goal.
Step 4. Enter the goal amount, title and description.
Step 5. Click Publish.

Host a Facebook Contest on your Facebook page

But!!! What is Facebook contest?

During school days we all had participated in special days such as Sports day, Dance competitions or other programs. I had participated many times but I didn’t get any prize, that means events on Facebook.
On Facebook it’s same you need to create some events to engage you audience.

Benefits of hosting Facebook contest

  1. It help’s you to gain new followers on Facebook.
  2. Increase your Facebook page engagement of you existing followers.
  3. Brand awareness of your product, service or yourself.

How to Create Facebook Contest?

Step 1. Design a Facebook post
Step 2. Make Some contest rule’s
Step 3. Add all information and recheck it
Step 4. Decide an amazing prize
Step 5. Publish It
Step 6. Pin it to the top

Post awesome Images Regularly on your Facebook Page

52% of the Facebook data shows who responded say they leverage video more so than images, and the remaining 48% said the opposite. (data source :- https://databox.com/videos-vs-images-in-facebook-ads).

You don’t need a mastery knowledge to design Facebook These are the some awesome tools you can use to create eye catching images Such as Canva (free to use), Pic Monkey and etc. You can get so many high quality images related by search Royalty free images or Visit Unsplash to get high quality free images.

Post Videos on Your Facebook Page

Videos are really powerful not only on Facebook on other platform too. You can explain your intention very easily by video’s follow your competitor too, to get awesome videos ideas.

You don’t need a DSLR camera to shoot an awesome video. There are so many tools are available on internet from you can create awesome videos. You can create so many amazing videos by using Canva designer tool.

Create or Join Facebook groups

You can target or create a large number of audience by Facebook groups. Sharing and posting regular on your field related Facebook groups will increase your page visibility. You will may surprise with number of people are already Facebook groups joined users. Joining a Facebook group is really easy follow these steps to join Facebook groups.

Step.1 Click on the group Icon on top of the nav bar of you Facebook screen.

Step 2. Enter your field name in search bar of Facebook

Step 3. Click on join button below the cover photo of Facebook page

Step 4. Follow their guidelines and join the group.

Run ads to grow your Facebook page faster

Work on organic process is really good but it’s tame taking process. To reach a huge audience of targeted interest, age, gender, and location user is really very easy.

The most interesting thing of the Facebook ads is, It’s cost. You don’t need a huge marketing budget to run ads on Facebook. By the new update of Facebook creating Facebook ads became really easy. Boost your most engaged post to reach more potential audience user on your Facebook page.

Track , measure and improve your Facebook page performance

To make right Facebook marketing strategy you need to check your performance regularly. You can Check and measure your performance by clicking impression just above the like button of your Facebook page. It’s just like result of your exam test result and you need to check it to prepare and perform better for the next time.

Pin a Post at top the Facebook page

Pining a Facebook post on top of the page is really impressive. Or you can pin most knowledgeable post to improve you first impression of your Facebook page. follow these steps to pin post a post

Step 1. open your Facebook Page

Step 2. Click on the three dot at right top corner of the post that you want to pin

Step 3. Click on the “pin to the top of the page” option

Tag and share each and every post

Never feel shy to tag and share your post. You can reach a huge audience by tagging your friends and followers. Share your post to joined groups to reach more audience. Use #hastags to increase you post relevancy. Facebook get relevancy of your post so it start recommending to other interested user.

Post trending meme type images

Meme is really loved by the audience may it’s of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms. Memes are more engaging more Interested and now so many big industries are focusing on meme marketing strategy on Facebook.

If you are on Instagram too and need help to create right strategy follow this link :- Instagram Marketing Strategies

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