How to Earn From Blogging With or Without Monetizing

There are so many ways to earn money from blogging, and there’s no limit to how much you can earn from blogging. Invest your time and start making money from blogging from just from second month of blogging.

15 successful ways to earn from blogging in 2021

Start to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most common and easiest way to earn from blogging. So many blogging sites like,—-& Etc Are making most of the money from affiliate marketing. For eg., You search on google for “Top 10 phones under 20,000rs” It suggests so many results. You open a website and it recommends so many 10 phones with a description with a buying link and you select one of them and buy it. When you help websites to sell their products in exchange they commission you to sell.

Affiliate programs are available on so many websites like amazon flipkart etsy and etc. Think you need just a website with good traffic and boom you can earn a handsome money affiliate marketing.

Display Ads

Display ads are another easy way to earn money from blogging. If you are good at writing only stories or other non-profitable niches don’t be sad. Just create a white space anywhere in your blog ad google AdSense link and get paid by google. Google will pay for every click when your user clicks on your website called CPC or it will pay for 1000 views that are called CPM. 

WordPress Advertising to Sell Directly or Shopify 

If Your website has a huge traffic from a micro niche you can be an online store itself. If your are beginner you can add wordpress plugins to create your online store.

But the question is who will pay or for he will pay? If you are working on micro niche blog like sports shoes only or mens jeans only. It’s a great opportunity for sellers to sell their product on your website. The number of seller and buyer will increase the number of money in your bank account. We can charge according to us or we can sell banner ads too. 

Sponsored Blog Post

It’s just like monetizing your blog without ads and a great way to earn from blogging. We are just like brand ambassadors of a particular product or service. If your website has good traffic and good looking and you don’t want to spoil it with ads. Simply you can earn from Sponsored blog posts. We talk About that product or service and recommend people to use that product. We got good amount of promoting that product or service.

Sell Your Blogging Website 

If you are good at designing than design a website get some traffic and sell it, Simple!!! This is very simple to earn from blogging website fast you dont need to wait for two there years. But Let me remind you in this money making process from blogging website selling is “OLD IS GOLD” term followed. How could you relate this I leave it to you. You can get perfect value of your website from flippa or alternative website. Because so many people do not have patience to get traffic they just need results only. Hence it’s a great opportunity for us to earn from blogging.

Social Media Post Selling 

If you are good at the fashion industry and have a huge traffic on your blog. You can charge per post and can make a handsome money. Because there are so many people who are willing and ready to pay a good amount. Here’s a list of celebrities and how much they are charging per post.

Guest Blogging 

I am a blogger and I have paid so many blogs to get a single link from their website. Yes it is the great way to earn from blogging without any display ads affiliate link. When your website becomes a good authority website, there are so many bloggers or website owners happily ready to pay you for per link or single link only.

Get Public Speaking Gigs 

If you are a promoting your brand and yourself as a influencer. You can easily get public speaking jobs and get a chance to promote other brands. In the 4th point our blog was brandambasdor and here we are the brand ambassadors of companies. Only celebrities do not have any special rights to become a brand ambassador.

You can’t imagine how much money you can make from it. But it’s a time taking and for patienceful people only.

Create a Paid Membership Website 

Do you watch amazon prime or Netflix? If yes then you already got my point how can make money from it. If you still didn’t get it don’t worry let me help you, if you are providing an educational blog you can access limited users. You can charge per subscription or on full access to your content or videos, You just need loyal users and are willing to pay. You can create premium content, subscription access, download access and etc to directly get paid by your user. 

Private Forum

If you are producing very high quality content and users are spending time reading your blog. You can create private forums to have full access and you can charge to give them access. Or if you are providing free content to your user you can charge to give them face to face interaction. But again if you want to earn this you must have expertise knowledge so the user doesn’t feel they have wasted their money.

Event Calendar with Paid Submission

Event calendar is a type of event reminder and a great way to earn from blogging. If someone is going to start a webinar or live streaming they pay good money. Many organization or institute pay blogger to create a event reminder. Yes it’s possible if you are going to working on micro niche. 

Earn From Selling Digital Products

You can create an informative E-book or Course collection full of dedication and sell it multiple times. You can share your experience or success story and multiple times. There’s no limit how many times you can sell your ebook and make money. You can sell your expertise field and detail information guide. You can host webinars and grow your business. 

Sell Your Services to Earn Faster From Blogging

Sell your Freelance Service and Make Money 

If you can grow your blog that means you can also grow other blogs or businesses. You can make good money just by work from home and charge dollars per/hr. Not only for your local area people but also anywhere around the world. 

Consulting Business

Great way to earn from blogging without any investment, it’s simple just create an informative page tell about you and your work experience. When you are a health blogger you can be a health consultant or you can be a fashion blogger you can be a modeling consultant. Or you can be a strategy maker for a company or business and earn an amazing amount from that.

Coach or Online Teaching

You can create a coaching session for your user and earn from that also. After this covid 19 we all had seen a big boom in online classes. Our schools are online now our chochings are online now so it’s a great opportunity for so many people to earn online

Sell Physical Products Through Blogging

Start An ECommerce Business to Make Money 

Along with blogging you can directly sell your products to your user. You can promote your brand and sell it to your user directly. But it’s isn’t easy to see in this sentence. You have to deliver your products tracking of your product payment issues and so on. But it isn’t impossible many companies are making millions of dollars by this. You don’t need to pay someone affiliate commission and 100% of your profit get in your account. 

Drop Shipping 

If you don’t have your own product, sell other products. It’s very much similar to affiliate marketing but you get a high commission as compared to affiliate marketing. 

Offer Others Your Platform as a Service on Your Blog

Create Your own Marketplace 

Allow users to buy or sell their products and earn commission per selling and buying of products. Companies like amazon and etsy and so many others are working on this model. If you are afraid if companies like amazon etsy and etc are working on this platform how would you compete? You don’t need to compete with these big brands if you’re working on micro-niche you can create your own user base.

For example if you are working on sports shoes only that means you having a sports shoes lover. That means it’s a great opportunity for sports shoe sellers. So don’t be afraid, work on a micro niche, create your user base and create your own marketplace.

Create Auction Place on Your Website 

Allow users to List their products and sell it on your website. Companies like Ebay working on this model, schedule auctions and get good commission per product selling and listing. Create Listing packages and sell it at a good amount. 

Create Job Marketplace  

Create a job marketing place like fiver and upwork and earn from every project. Promote jobs, help people to promote their work and their expertise. You can charge a fees to list their profile on their website. 

Earn Good Money by Paid Reviews

Work in a micro-niche and get paid to review products or brands. It’s just like I am a phone blogger and my blog has good relevant traffic. Then companies will pay me a good charge to promote or review their product on my blog. When the same companies bid higher to show their products more powerful they will bid and your charges automatically increase. 


There are so many ways you can earn from blogging. But things you need before starting blogging and during blogging is patience. If you want to be a successful blogger then try to work on micro-niche. Don’t Run Behind so many topics just stick a single topic run behind it. Because


Don’t worry dear for that we had already uploaded blog on best blogging niches.

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