How To Get Youtube Subscriber fast

Things Not To Follow to get YouTube subscribers fast to you channel.

1. Never Buy Youtube subscribers

Yes never buy youtube subscribers earn your youtube subscribers. Many people think the number of youtube channel subscribers makes an awesome first view. But the truth is your user is not interested in the numbers of your subscribers. They are frustrated and they are finding problems of their solution.

It’s better to focus on the quality of your videos instead of focusing on the number of youtube channel subscribers. I had seen so many youtube channels in life from 10 subscribers to 1million subscribers. I also subscribe to many youtube channels if they seem helpful to me.

This Blog will help you to convert your Viewers into your subscribers. 

1. Ask your viewers to Subscribe

Never feel shy to ask to subscribe to your youtube channel. It’s just a healthy reminder for your user to click on the subscribe button isn’t a hard job. There’s a great chance a user wasn’t so interested to click your subscribe button that may also become your youtube channel subscriber for the future.

2. Mention Related Videos

Mention your topic-related videos at the end of the video and link the videos to the “i” button. When a user finds your channel is a painkiller of it’s all headache. Your user will never miss the chance to grab your youtube channel all-time in his pocket. But the condition is your channel should be the painkiller, not the headache. 

3. Interact With Your Audience

Respond faster to your comments help them to understand your videos. People don’t want to make relation with bots they love real humans. Adept to their feedback, respond to their comments, thank them. Go Live, talk to them, make your script according to the most common comments.

4. Update Your Cover Image

Whenever your user visits your channel your cover banner is the widest view. It’s the first impression of your youtube channels whenever visit your website. Your cover banner should be clean, Compelling, and easy to recognize on any type of screen. Never populate your cover banner with so many social media icons.

5. Change Your Thumbnail Strategy

Follow the three-second rule… but what’s the three-second rule? Telling all about your content in the first 3sec of view. As we know, the time span of a user is low they are lazy they need a solution even without watching the video. Make a thumbnail to tell your user that only your video can help them. You can use the Canva designer tool to make an amazing thumbnail for free. 

6. Embed Your Videos on Your Blog

Adding your video to your website helps your website to rank higher in search results. And also, help your video to get high traffic from outside of Youtube. Steps to embed Youtube videos to your channel

1. Open Video you want to add to your blog

2. Click to the Share Button

3. Click on the Embed option and copy the code

4. Paste the code where you want to show your video in your blog

7. Enable Branding Watermark on Your Youtube Video

When there’s already an extra-large size button is available on youtube then why we need this? As I already told your user is lazy like a panda we have to facilitate our user to earn subscribers. 

Follow these simple steps to enable branding watermark

1. Sign in to youtube studio.

2. Click on the customization option.

3. Scroll it down and look for the Video watermark option and upload the image you want to show on the video.

4. Select display time (Entire Video recommended) and save.

8. Make a Playlist of Your Video Category

Create a playlist according to your category to make your YouTube channel more helpful. 

9. Promote it in Social Media

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