How to get Instagram follower fast?

Instagram is really great platforms for Business or influencer, these tips of how to get Instagram follower fast is 100% practical. May you want to be model, or may you wanted to grow your business on Instagram, or may wanted to be an influencer on Instagram. These tips are definitely going to boost your Instagram Account. What to do or what not do I had tried to cover almost each and every part.

So let’s get started

Optimize you Instagram account properly

Before we starting going to represent us first we need to complete our profile. An improper optimization of your Instagram account can destroy brand value or you social image at first sight view.

Follow these step to optimize your Instagram account properly

Step 1. Switch your normal account to Business account. 1. Visit your profile and click the three lines 2. Click on the settings icon in bottom of the list 3. Click on accounts and switch it to business account.

Step 2. Choose a simple, easy to remember, easy to find and easy to recognize you username.

Step 4. Choose a branded Instagram Profile picture of your Instagram business account.

Step 5. Write an Informative Bio about your self or you brand.

Step 6. Include a quick call to action button Use emoji to grab user attention.

Step 7. Turn on all notifications to response faster to your user.

Step 8. Remove all unwanted tagged photos and review it before getting tagged.

Create a Content Calendar

Create a Calendar or add reminder in your Calendar that on what day what thing you going to publish. Because the most common deference between successful influencer and an unsuccessful influencer is their continuity.

If you really want to be successful in your life you really need to regular. You Can add events or date when and what you have to publish on that particular date.

Avoid Fake Instagram Follower

Getting 10,000 Follower overnight seems look really cool but this not a legit method to get successful. When your content is awesome you don’t need to buy fake followers. Or there are lot of chances Instagram may block your account. To build long term relationship between or you want increase your ROI of your business you should avoid fake follower.

Showoff Your Instagram Everywhere

If you had own a website or you share your content on other websites too. Don’t miss the chance to increase your follower fast from other platform too. Stick follow button of Instagram on the top of your blog.

While sharing your post on other platform such as Facebook, Twitter, or any other platforms.

Use Hashtags in Every Post of Instagram

Hashtags is filter of your post and make Instagram easy to define your post. Because Bot’s can read the images they read their content to identify a post. So it’s help Instagram to recommend your post to user interested in content related topic.

These are the best follow back Instagram Hashtag
Best hashtags for inviting likes and follows

  • #followme
  • #likeforlike
  • #like4like
  • #follow4follow
  • #followforfollow
  • #f4f

NOTE:- But these hashtag doesn’t bring your topic interested user, this just or new user on Instagram.

To bring quality followers on Instagram

  1. Always use on tag of your own brand or your name. To make your brand value + Your content collection
  2. Use Industry specific hashtag to make it more relevant.
  3. Never forgot to use event relevant hashtag.
  4. Find most popular Hashtag on google related hashtags to bring more traffic to your business

No More Boring Post Please

User are on Instagram are using it to find some entertain themselves not to support you. Make your user happy by posting meme, creative design, photography, art work or other that you can do for your user.

Find your dominant competitor

When we don’t know what to post on your Instagram account or you are sufferings with lack of Ideas. You should have to follow your competitor who had already achieved a lot. From them you would get so many post ideas. If you are still confused with whom to follow or whom to not let me make it simple with this example.

Use Descriptive Caption

Never forgot give description of your post may it normal post, Infographic, or other art work. This helps both user and Instagram to understand your post. Use hashtags too in description if it’s possible to get recommendation from Instagram. As we watch video’s on YouTube and it automatically recommend so many related videos.

Turn on All Notification

Get notified by Instagram may its your competitor post, requested message or followed by someone. We all love everything fast in the world and even you are also here to Increase your Instagram follower fast .If you are responsive to your users they will definitely going to follow you. Be thankful to your follower never fell shy to thanks them to comment on your post.

Post content that your user really want

May you want to be an influencer on Instagram or you want to promote your brand on Instagram. You need to find your right audience to increase follower fast on your Instagram.

For uploading user interested topic post first you need to right audience. Ask these question to your self to find right audience of your interested topic. All question may not apply but most of these question will help you a lot.

Q 1. Age of your audience?
Q 2. Gender of your audience?
Q3. Education background of your audience?
Q4. Language of your user?
Q5. Which country, state or city people you want to target?
Q6. Pain Point of your user?
Q7. Social background of your user? For eg. School pass out’s, Business persons or etc.

Run Ads on Instagram to Increase Your Follower Faster

Instagram ads are really powerful to grow faster and reach your audience faster. Following organic method isn’t bad but all we aren’t so patinate to wait for month’s or year to see our progress. And the best thing is you don’t need a huge marketing budget to grow you Instagram account. You can reach thousand of relevant audience just by spending few dollars.

Conclusion:- This blog is not my suggestion to how to grow Instagram followers. This is a complete research of top Influencer who are their industry, and none of them reached this level by spamming or other methods. Happy journey if you also want to know Facebook marketing strategies for influencer and businesses follow this link to know more.

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