How to grow your business fast

This blog is helpful for all types of businesses who are online or want to grow their business online. This blog is not my suggestion, this is a deep research of all top eterpenure and successful businessman. Who had grown their business from small to big business? Read this blog carefully because this blog is not going to booming your business. It will help you to make right strategy to see a good growth rate in your business so let’s get started.

1. Identify your real customers 

Having a huge crowd in your shop didn’t make you a better business. For example, you are selling cars between 5 to 10lakhs or 50-60 lakhs. You should have to know to identify what qualities of your product you have to highlight. let make it more simple for you, If I am selling a car between the price of 5-10 lakhs I will talk about mileage, low maintenance, good resale value, and so on.

But I am selling a car between 50-60 lakhs I will tell my customers about royalty, features, safety, social reputation and so on. To identify your real customers, you have to understand consumer behavior and its nature. By analyzing your consumer behavior data, it will help you in making better strategies with higher ROI.

If you want to grow your business you have to work on a niche, so you can focus more on it. Again it’s not my word its tell by most of the top entrepreneur(  9 rabbits story  )

2. Improve Customer Service 

We loose More than 90% of our customers just because our poor customer service. Imagine I came to your shop and no one is available to your shop to guide me. What you think what should I do next, wait for you or leave you? I live this answer all upon you. If you are on online business or you have domain from GoDaddy you already know the quality customer service of GoDaddy. I didn’t getting paid from them but I love their service and I recommend their too. 

3. Use social media 

Social media is a great tool to acquire huge relevant audience with very cheap cost marketing plan. It’s build trust between your customers, That’s the biggest need of people. Trust!!! One who wined this is already in the race and growing his business in J- curve. We all know how much time we all spend on social media in our daily life. 

4. Invest in Brand awareness

This is a great Moral in Hindi “JO DIKHTA HAI WAHI BIKTA HAI” what it see that it sell. Its easy to track right audience in digital marketing so you can get a better ROI(RETURN ON INVESTMENT). 

5. Build Sales Funnel


Fastest way to grow your business read this blog how to make great sales funnel by Sales funnel help you to create a way to convert a user into your coustomer.

6. Research the competition  

Compitition resarch is fastest way to grow your business online. It’s clear almost confusion on what niches you have to focusing more, it make esier to accure right audince. Because your compititer had already defined so many work for himself. So we can say your 80% of your planning work is done by your compitier. SEMRush tool gives a detailed compititer research just by spending 100$ a month. Find gaps offer better improve your self and grow your business.

7. Customer loyalty program


This a great way to grow your business online or offline. Returning vistors are more profitable than new user, because getting sales from new customer is more expensive than existing costumer. It’s just like first time we had bought  product from amazon and we are buying products now from amazon. 

8.  Build E-mail list

Many people think email marketing is waste of money, but they never thought if its waste of money than componies like amazazon, SEMRUSH or etc still working on this proccess. Even they had better marketer & better stratagies than us. if you want to grow your business throug e-mail then never buy emails always collect the emails. Retarget your audince let them remind your name again and again. It’s also know as Lead magnet stratagy for online business. It is very neccessry to retarget and re-market your audince.

9. Extend your market 

Open new stores to acquire new coustomers if you are rich enough to open new stores. But If you are working on digital platform you can open virtual stores according to the intrest of people. It’s cost you nothing to open a new store in multiple citites in digital world.

10. Ask or make a referral strategy 


When your user start refering business your user become your market. In the marketing term we called it brand advocate also. Make a sratagy or ask your coustmer to reffer a friend or give bonus on per refering of new user. when you succesfuly overcome this teqnuiqe your business start growing in by so many multiple times.

11. Retarget your audience

Retarget and re market your audince. Retareting is a great way to grow your business online or offline. But its more esiear to retarget and remarket your audince. When a user intreact on your there are so many ways from we can target our user again and again to keep thier intrest alive. It’s also the most important parts sales funnel to grow your business online faster. 

12. Question yourself

differentiate your self from other

Is it a good or better product than others? are you honest to your business? Find your USP (Unique Selling Point), Focus on your USP differentiate your self from others and boom your business.

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