How To Increase Blog Traffic by 313% For Free in 2021

I am going to tell you how to increase blog traffic by 313%. All these tips are 100% practical tips From that I had increase blog traffic. In This blog, there is one tip that would boost your blog one week.

So lets get started…

1. Promise Yourself to Write Regularly

One of the biggest problems in the blog is we are not regular at writing. But For a new blogger, it’s hard to find unique blog ideas. If it’s still a challenge for you this link is going to help you a lot. Always observe the difference between a successful blog or vlog and a failed blog or vlog, that difference is continuity. Create time table to give time to your writing.

Keep your blog updated because when you regularly update your data google gives high priority to fresh content over the old content. Try to update your blog twice a week.

we had already published a blog on how to write a blog post.

2. Never Select Too Broad Topics

More Subject More Confusion

Selecting a broad will confuse you to choose your targeted audience. For example, you want to write on digital marketing but digital marketing is an ocean topic. So I will break it into parts like SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO and Etc.

I will choose one topic that and again break it into parts for examples I had chosen SEO now it’s also A ocean topic. So I will break it into parts and then definitely I would get so many blog ideas for the next 7-8 months.

3. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Using Tail Keywords are always Helpful For New Bloggers

A short keyword that having high volume of traffic will also have high competition and so many high athourity websties would already ranking on the first page of google. And getting rank on that keyword would be going to next to impossible for our new blog.

But a longtail keyword may have low search volume but it would also low competition. It’s a great opportunity to get traffic to a new blog for free to our blog.

4. Promote it on Social Media to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Here’s a list of active users spending their time on the internet on different platforms. It isn’t surprising that we consume most of the time on social media sites. From social media, you can target a huge audience and increase blog traffic fast.

5. Title is More Important Than Content

Yes!! The title is more important than content because when we search on google it we never click with a close eye. We firstly always read titles and when it seems very interesting or relevant then we decide to that we are going to read it or not.

6. Include Photos and Infographics

We always love that book that having an explanation with images instead of a text full book only. when we write a blog our first and last target should be, that the user who came to our website never bounce back from our page without understanding our content purpose. Images make a blog interesting and easy to understand for even 5th class students.

7. Include Relevant Keywords

When you insert relevant keywords to your blog, it helps Google to categorize your blog in the right category. When google categorizes your blog it automatically gives you a position in the top 5 or top 10 pages. But if you still didn’t get any ranking by google that means Google hasn’t understood your blog.

Never spam your blog with keywords, it became spammy when you use to try to insert a keyword forcefully. Always try when you insert a keyword it should look like a natural line as other words are in the content. Otherwise, it would be harmful to both your quality of the blog and the SEO ranking factor of your blog.

Google search engine is a great source to get 100% free and relevant traffic to your new blog. Use a keyword in the title and paragraph highlighted sentence if it will look appropriate to highlight.

8. Stick a Social Sharing Button

Always stick social sharing and like buttons of multiple social sharing sites like Facebook, Insta, Twitter. Because, If your blog is giving more than enough knowledge your user will definitely either share or like it or may do both.

When you start getting likes to your post most of the new users will already get convinced when they see the number of likes and shares on the post. Never feel shy to remind your user to like your Facebook page. knowledge them two-three times to stay updated hit like on our Facebook page.

9. Retweet Your Blogs to Drive Traffic to Your Old Blog

Never feel shy to retweet your old post because most of the time we got new users as compared to the returning user. So don’t miss the chance to get views on old blogs. Users don’t care how old is your post, the thing they care about is that content should be relevant and helpful to them.

10. Insert Guest Posting Option in Your Blog

Open a gateway for content writers so they can also publish their content on your blog. It saves you a lot of time and also gives relief from the headache of new content publishing every day. Offer them backlinks to get high-quality content for free.

11. Insert Videos in Your Blog

Inserting a video make our blog more helpful more interesting and more digestible for our users. Facilitate them as possible as you can because when you facilitate them they will love your blog and not the user but also google.

If your blog is more helpful than another, google will give a better ranking without any extra efforts. If you don’t have any videos find some youtube videos and insert a link in your blog. Never violate Google’s policy otherwise google will categorize you in spammy content.

12. Run Ads on Social Media to increase blog traffic in One Week

At the beginning of our blogging career, we need a boost in an early stage. Facebook and Instagram are the way you can increase blog traffic fast in one week. Because it having a huge active user base and cheap ads running cost. You don’t need a huge marketing budget to run ads on these platforms. You can reach thousands of users just by spending only 10’s of dollars.

13. Do Guest Posting on Other High Authority Sites

Guest posting is the only method for every blogger to make their new blogging site into a high authority website. You can get huge relevant traffic to your blog for free. Also when a high authority website recommends your blog google pushes your blog Search engine ranking. You got a double bonus of getting free traffic from both Google and that high authority website.

14. Include Subscribe Button

Remind your user to subscribe to your blog. Use subscribe popup but never include popup in very early of the post. Avoid to irritate your user just simply remind your user or provide them a free giveaway. For example, remind yourself that how many times you had given your email address in just exchange for a free E-book or another free thing.

And having a lot of email addresses helps you to remarket and will also help you have a high userbase. Remember userbase is the only earning source of all top social media platforms.

15. Analyze Google Top 20 Search Results

When you analyze google search results, you had come to know what Google really wants to show on that particular keyword. Also, you will get so many new ideas for your blog. Observe each and every search result find gaps in what they missed in their content.

If you want to rank on the first page of Google your content has to be much better than who is already ranking on top of the ranks. It isn’t impossible to rank on the first page of google you just better the quality of content.

16. Stay Updated What is Trending

Use Google Trends to stay updated on what’s happening in the world. It’s a very very helpful and 100% free tool for a blogger. Find some trends add some spices and publish and then see the result.

17. Use Google analytics

Analyze which audience is engaging more in your content, from where you getting more traffic. Analyze your audience on which page people are clicking. Why they are bouncing back find issues. The purpose of analyzing the website is to make a strategy.

It will help you to plan the right planning, that on which topic you have to focus more and on which country or state you have to focus more. Always remember once a legend said “If you are failing to plan that means you are planning to fail”

18. Question your self!!!

Question yourself if you are google and is it recommendable for my user. When you got the answer to this question your quality of content will be increased by 70 to 80%.

Remember a quality content doesn’t mean having a high level of English. “A high-quality content means it should have clear intention easy to read and understandable for 5th-grade students.”

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