How to Use Google Analytics – Complete Beginners Guide

This blog is about how to use Google analytics? this is a complete beginner guide of google analytics. We tried to cover almost every part of Google analytics. It helps you to create a sales funnel. You can create a better sales funnel by understanding user tracking user acquisition and then behavior. The last step is Conversion that’s google analytics helps you to understand. 

But how does google analytics work? 

Simple it’s collect the data then compile the data and final Generate the report.

Before starting this blog let’s take look on these FAQ’s

Who has visited my website?
How much time do users spending on my site?
Are my site visitors relevant visitors?
What are the top 3 pages on my website?
Which blog of my website loved most?
From which website I am getting the highest traffic?
How can I make a better strategy to grow my business using google analytics?

Follow these step to create google analytics 

Step 1. Click on sign up for google analytics

You can use it track data for both Website/mobile app

Tip:- Select the correct reporting time zone of your country otherwise it would not provide you a correct data.

Step 2. Paste google analytics code In <head></head> tag If your website hasn’t any common header, then you need to paste in each and every page of your website.

You can paste this code by clicking appearance – then theme editor and theme header. if your website is on WordPress.

Complete analytics audience overview 

Realtime Report of Google Analytics

It’s clear by it’s name, it’s provide you the live data of your website. It helps you to monitor activity of user on your website. 

1. Location

It provides you a data of active user location, you can check from which country user is visiting to your website. By clicking on Country (gree posrtion) you can check the user city too.

2 Traffic Source

traffic source report screenshot of Google Analytics

It’s provide you a data of the source of traffic like organic, social media, refral or etc. If you are running an ad on Google you can check it that is it working or not.

3. Content

It’s provide you a data of URL on which your user is surfing on your website.

4. Events 

It’s a customizable events creation option you can create customized events like button click, Video play, or downloads or etc.

5. Conversion

conversion report screenshot of Google Analytics

It’s show you a data of how many user converted and achived your conversion goal (We can set conversion goals, we had explained it below.). For example you had launced a webminar sale funel, you can check it with conversion report how succesfull is your funnel.

Audience report in google analytics

Yes, it’s clear by its name!!! This report provides you the detailed information about users who visited our website. how they interacted with your website? how many goals they had completed? how many users spent time on your website and many more. This report is very important for every digital marketer. Because it provides you an actual data so we can make a better strategy to improve website performance.


audience overview report screenshot of Google Analytics

It provides a basic overview of all categories such as how many users visited your website, what is the bounce rate of your website, average session duration, page views, and many more. We can say that it’s quick access to view our category or need as what we want to see.

Active Users

Active users are those users who had completed over one session. It may be active user visited last day, last week, last 14 days or last month. You can set a coustom days too with this google analytics audince active users report. Or you can compare active users according beetween 7 day or 14 days.

Life Time Value

life time value report screenshot of Google Analytics

It provides you a data of how many user you get and from which source. Also It calcualate the revanue genreted by user from your source and it divide from per user. 

And provides you data of how much you earned revanue from Per user. Mainly it’s used to calculate ROI of your Website.

Cohort Analysis

chorot report screenshot of Google Analytics

It provides you data of user behavior in comparison of day. For example, you had launched a webinar and you having a batch of 100 students. On day 1, all 100 Users joined your class, On day 2 only 70 students joined your class, On day 3 only 50 users joined the class, on day 4 fewer, and so on. So you can make a better strategy to engage your audience for a long time.  


With this feature, you can create a customized audience to retarget your audience. For example, I am a marketer of a hotel and I am providing my food to all over India. But South Indian loves different food and north Indian loves different food. So I can get better leads by Showing tasty north Indian food to the people of Rajasthan and showing tasty south Indian food to get better leads.

User Explorer

You can track the data of even a single user and helps us how that specific user behaved on our website. Check data of the client all time report how he behaved on your website, the source it visted to your website how much time it had to depend time on your website. You can even check how much revanue your client had genrated. It help’s you while Creating remarketing ads.


It provides you data about Age and gender. If your user is more female you can plan your content more female-focused. It’s mostly used to plan ads to remarketing or retarget users to get leads. It is divided into 3 parts acquisition (Users, New User, Session), Behavior (Bounce rate, Page/ session, Avg.

Session Duration), Goal conversion (Goal conversion rate, Goal completions, gaol value.). But First, you need to enable Demographics and Interest Reports.

Follow these steps to enable Demographics and Interest Reports

Step 1. log in to your Analytics account

Step 2. Click on the admin option

Step 3. Now Click on the property settings in property portion

Step 4. Scroll little bit and Enable Demographics and interest reports


It catagorise audince who visited your website. It’s mainly used while creating reamrketing and retargeting ads. 

These are the three section you will going to see.

Affinity categories:- This category includes things like Shopping/ value shoppers, technology or etc.

In-market Category :- This category is almost similar to upper one.

Other Categories:- This show’s different categories of users cover almost all types of users. 


Geo report screenshot of Google Analytics

It collects and provides you a data of user language and location.

Geo location report screenshot of Google Analytics

You get exact data of user language interacting with your website.


It’s shows you data about new user and returning user. If your website having returning visitors more than 25% that mean your webste is performing well. You can find and fix the issue if they isn’t repeating to your website. 

1. New vs Returning:- You can compare you analyze the data you can check and compare the behavior or acquisition of your user.

Behavior New vs Returning  report screenshot of Google Analytics

2. Frequency & Recency:- It shows how your user intreacted to your website as compared to the last session. 

Frequency & Recency report screenshot of Google Analytics

3. Engagement:- It Show duration and time that user spent on your website. It is divided into seconds Eg. 0-10 seconds, 11-30 seconds or etc. 


This option of google analytics provides the data from which operating system or web browser users are visiting your website. You can use this data while designing your website for a particular device or web browser focused. 

1. Browser & OS:- It collects data of your user from which web browser and which OS Visited your website.

2. Network:- It collect the data about user Network source Eg. Ji, Airtel


It’s clear by its name, yes it provides you information user device. Again it’s helpful to optimize your page to make it particular device focused. You can design your website particularly device-focused. Fun fact google loves website more who mobile optimize

mobile devices report screenshot of Google Analytics


This feature of google analytics helps you to compare user segments. For example, you want to compare user interaction of paid vs organic. So this feature allowed you detailed customizable information according to your need.


This feture of google analytics helps you to compare your data with rest of industury in your catogary. Because there are so many user who share their data with google analytics. It calcualte and compare our data from rest of the industury of our segment.

It covers three dimansion, 

1. Channel

Channel report screenshot of Google Analytics

2. Location

location report screenshot of Google Analytics

3. devices 

devices report screenshot of Google Analytics

You can choose your Industry Vertical ()

User flow

User flow report screenshot of Google Analytics

This feature of google analytics is extremely helpful to create a sales funnel. Because it visualizes the path of the user from which country or state your user came from, on which page he has landed and on which page he leaved your website. You can use this data to make adjustments on your website to make better sales funnel to increase leads.

Acquisition report in Google Analytics

You getting good traffic from any page of a website but don’t know from where? yes, that’s a google analytics Acquisition report that helps you to find that out. It provides you a data of Your Traffic source/medium. 


Acquisition report Overview screenshot of Google Analytics

It provides a Data overview of source/medium (Top channels), Sessions, and conversion. It also provides you data on user behavior such as bounce rate, goal conversion rate, average session duration. This data is helpful to optimize your website. For example, you had run campaigning on both Facebook and Google. Google having a high bounce rate as compared to Facebook. So can create next time ad facebook result-driven Facebook. 

It’s provide overview data in sub category

1. Social

2. Direct

3. Organic Search

4. Referral

5. Email

6. Paid Search

7. other

You can view it breafly too by clicking on it. 

All traffic

Above this (overview) all traffic provides overview data but all traffic provides you a brief analysis. 

It is divided in four category. 

Lets Begin with channels

1. Channels

All traffic Channels report screenshot of Google Analytics

You can analyze the view brief report of your source/medium of your website.

2. Treemaps

All traffic Treemaps report screenshot of Google Analytics

To view this report first you need to link your analytics account with google ads. By activating this feature of google analytics you can view the journey of the user. From website visitors to a product purchase. You can use this data to create sales funnel so you can get better leads or sales. It’s easy to understand that’s why it’s mostly used by the paid campaigners.

3. Source/medium

All traffic Source/medium report screenshot of Google Analytics

This option of google anlytics provide you detailed data of Source/Medium(For eg. You getting Youtube referal traffic). By default it’s data of one week you can change it mannualy so you can see specific date or period report. For example I had run a campaiging on specific period so I can set time period according to my need.

But the thing is how can we use it. That everyone missed let me explain to you I am getting traffic from the yahoo search engine it’s Low. An average session and bounce rate is really good and I still haven’t made any strategy. To rank higher on yahoo, So I can make a strategy to get better results. 


All traffic Referrals report screenshot of Google Analytics

It’s almost similar to the source/medium. It’s provide you data of refral link trafic detailed overview. Again let me remind you all these report helps you to create better stratagy. 

3. Google ads

Yes, it’s Possible you can see your ad performance on google analytics too. Use this data to get better ROI, But How? let me explain to you with this example.

I had run a campaign on google and I had selected 20 different keywords. But I am getting leads only from 2 or 3 specific queries and the rest all are existing budget. So I would plan my next ads according to my need.

Q.But If you are getting this information on google ads too. why do you need to use google analytics?

Ans. We can run so many ads from an account at the same time. But we got more brief data of single-single websites from google analytics, So you create a better strategy.

TIP:- Don’t make a strategy only by 2-3 queries. Always make strategy after analyzing multiple platforms such as google analytics, Google ads, Google search console, or Facebook Insight.

Behavior Report in Google Analytics

It basically provides the page-level reports, in-depth reports of specific pages, and many more. 


Google ads Overview report screenshot of Google Analytics

It provides you a basic overview of the behavior report. such as a pageview, unique pageviews, Avg. Time on page, bounce rate, and exit. You can view page link on which specific page users are more engaging. 

2. Behavior Flow

Behavior Flow report screenshot of Google Analytics

This report provides a flow of users from page visits to purchase. It helps you in a way For example user has visited your website and surfed your website but didn’t make any purchase. So it’s great possibilities that it having some issue while making a payment or why it hasn’t made the purchase. So we can customize our website to get better leads or sales. 

3. Site Content

It provides a deep analysis of the page view of your webpage. Such age total pageview, unique pageview, Avg. time on page and many more.

This section for sub section and they are 

 1. All Pages:- overview of all pages as we mention in website content

Site Content report screenshot of Google Analytics

 2. Content Drilldown:- It almost equals to all page reports, but it’s more narrow so you can view a particular page more briefly.

Content Drilldown report screenshot of Google Analytics

 3. landing Pages:– It show pages through which users visited our website.

 4. Exit pages:- It shows data about the last page from the user exited from your website. 

Exit pages report screenshot of Google Analytics

This data is extremely helpful for us to optimize our pages to improve over website performance. 

4. Site Speed 

Its clear by it’s name, Yes this dimension of google analytics collects data about your web page speed. 


Site Speed overview report screenshot of Google Analytics

From here you can get average data of so many dimensions such as Avg. Page Load Time (sec), Avg. Redirection Time (sec), Avg. Domain Lookup Time (sec), 

Avg. Server Connection Time (sec),Avg. Server Response Time (sec) and so on

Page Timing

Page Timing report screenshot of Google Analytics

From here you can check specific page brief details related to speed only. Regularly check this dimension to increase your website performance.

You can compare your website’s average time from a particular web page (right portion). Also check or compare your page view, bounce rate, % exit, and page value too.

speed suggestion

speed suggestion report screenshot of Google Analytics

This portion suggests page speed and also gives a score to your pages according to their performance. (Tip Google always love super fast pages) By clicking on page speed suggestion it’s redirected you to Google Pagespeed insight.

User Timings

you need some extra activate so advanced settings. Click here to see how.

5. Site Search

If your website having a search box option than it’s worthy too you other wise you can skip this part. To view this data first you need to configure your search box.

It’s shows you data about whats your user searched on your website, search exits, % Search Refinements and many more.

6. Events

You need to create and view event analytics. For example you had created live stream, webinar, E- book download or pdf Download. 

View this video to view how to create an event step by step by google.

7. Publisher 

This portion is helpful for Adsense or publisher to view detailed report of imressions, Clicks, and revenue. You can view and improve you Published Adsense but for that first you need to activate this option by linking your google ads account with Google analyitics account.

8. Experiments

Oops !!! but this feature is now removed from google analytics. Better luck next time : )

Conversion Report of Google Analytics 

This reports calculate your business value either it’s your revenue, leads, form submission, lead counter, downloads or etc.  You can use this report for better conversion or ROI.

The most important part of the Google analytics report because this is the actual purpose of our website and that is user conversion. But For first you have to learn how to create goals in google analytics. 

You can watch this video too to create goals step by step in google analytics.

Because until you haven’t set any goal how will you or google analytics analyze your conversion rate. Basically, the purpose of creating goals is we create a path for our user and we will measure how many users followed that path and enter our sales funnel.


1. Overview 

It shows over view data of these 4 metrics 

  • Compilations:- All user that completed your goal
  • Value:-  Financial value of your conversions
  • Conversion rate:- The rate of total conversion upon total sales
  • Total Abandonment Rate :- Users didn’t completed your goals out of user entered in sales funnel

2. Goal URL

It depends on which url or landing page your goals can be completed. This URL breakdown helps you to find the most popular destinations page. 

3. Reverse Goal Path

This goal path helps you to find sales funnel gateway from users who are entering but you still have not identified paths. 

4. Funnel Visualization

It tracks and visualizes the path or funnel that was created by you. It helps you to find your sales funnel success. 

  • User reached each step in order
  • Gate of your sales funnel from where you user entered
  • Process step by step followed by your user.

Goal Flow 

This report shows the path from your user traveled through your sales funnel towards a Goal conversion.


If you are an ecommerce seller then feutre is made for you. It can save your lot of budget, things you just need to analyze your funnel and make an awesome strategy.  This report shows a detailed view of your ecommerce.

  • How many of your products are viewed or clicked
  • Collect user metrics through your sales funnel
  • How and when your user begin checkout or abandon cart
  • Total number and of products that added to cart, removed and purchased
  • Success rate of Internal campaign (banner ads created by you on your website)


  • Ecommerce conversion rate: Order/ Total Sales
  • Transaction:  All purchased or booked orders
  • Revenue: Total revenue from your sales 
  • Average order value: Calculation of total revenue divided by the number of total orders.
  • Unique Purchase: New purchaser on your eCommerce
  • Quantity: total numbers of items 

Products performance 

It provides a detailed overview of each and every product performance. So you can decide on which product you have to focus on more. It shows total sales, unique purchase, product revenue, Avg. price, average quantity. You can get deeper details of each and every product by their product ID. 

Sales performance

This is also similar to the upper case (Products performance) But this is more detailed about transactions. In a way such as total revenue, Taxation, delivery charge, refund amount, and quantity. You can get help from your developer to create your product ID otherwise google analytics creates ID automatically.


You didn’t need to explain this simply as we can provide details about the transaction in a more detailed way.

Time to Purchase 

Seems very useless but it isn’t that you can get better off your sales seasons. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart sell more products on the season as compared to a regular days. That’s why we need to analyze this report too briefly.

Multi-Channel Funnel Reports

This report visualizes the path from users coming from multiple sources.


An overview data of all channels from our user entered in our sales funnel. You can measure or compare the highest sales conversion from specific sources. Really helpful for which channels we have to focus and invest more to get better sales or leads. 

Assisted conversions

Assisted conversion report shows its funnel from each channel where its initiated, assisted and completed. It also shows the value of that sales and conversions. 

Top Conversion path 

This report visualizes all leads to conversions, the Number of conversions achieved by your website, and the value of that conversion too. 

Time lag 

This report shows how many times you had achieved your sales or conversion. For example, you had searched for a mobile phone but urgently haven’t bought it yet.

You see that ad again and again after 12, 13, or 14 days you finally bought that product. So this gap is known as the time lag and you can make a better strategy on remarketing ads.

Path length report


This report shows that your user interacted before converting from one page to another page. Conversion never made it with your first interaction until you became a big brand Like Amazon, Flipkart, puma, or Adidas.

Model Comparison tool 

This is also known as the attribution model in google analytics. It helps us compare channels or divide the advantages of each platform. I know it’s complicated, but let’s make it simple for you. 

For example I had run a campining on google and a unique user visited my website. But it didn’t make any purchase so retargeted him again on social media. He visited again my website but didn’t make any purchase.

Then I retargeted him through email marketing again he visited my website but still didn’t make any purchase. After these all processes he remembered my brand name and directly visited my website and then made the purchase. So it was really hard to me to decide which platforms worked better or whom to give more priority or whom to not. So this tool model comparison tool help us to make this strategy in the right way.

Watch this video to learn the attribution model through video.

Summary:- Using the google analytics tool is extremely helpful to measure our performance. Until you will not analyze your current strategy you can’t decide what’s the future of your business will be.

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