How to Use Google Search Console to Improve SEO

Before I am going to tell you how to use the google search console. Read this on a little bit about what is google search console and why it’s important. Google search console or Google webmaster is a freemium tool by google. It tracks organic impressions, clicks, and link data.

For whom this tool is made?

Are you a content strategist then is meant for you? But also for SEO specialist, Marketer, Website developer, app developer, website owner, or if you are in online business.

Ok I had completed my story in which no one is interested. So let’s Start from beginning what you get in the complete google search console guide.

  • How to add your website to the google search console?
  • How to setup owner and user permission?
  • How to submit a sitemap on the Google search console?
  • How to use google search console data to improve your SEO?
  • How to add a search console with google analytics?

So let’s begin with adding a search console to your website step by step

Create an account on google search console using your business email for eg. After clicking on Start Now button there’s two option one for domain and another one for URL. Don’t worry dear both works the same but the process of installing is different.

Notice:- Your website name with and are not the same. Both are different identities for google, so carefully put your URL in the Google search console. Check your website redirecting when you visit your home page.

Steps for Domain Verification in Google Search Console

Step 1. paste your domain Eg.

Step 2. Visit your domain name provider website and open your domain pannel

Step 3. Find manage DNS option in your domain admin panel

Step 4. Click on change name server

Step 5. Add your TXT record below into DNS configuration and update

Step 6. Click on verify button and done

OR you can this too

Click on the URL prefix

Enter your comlete URl in URL preflix and it will give you four option

  1. HTML File:- Download this HTML file to your system. Visit your website Cpanel go to the publc.html and upload this file with your website files. Again visit Google Search Console click On the verify button.
  2. HTML tag:- Copy that HTML tag and paste it to the PASTE HERE tag. If your website is on HTML and CSS and has a common header then it’s applied to all pages.

This how you can add your wordpress website to google search console. Follow these simple steps I had explained bellow.

If your website is on WordPress visit your wp-admin panel look for an appearance option. Hover it and look for the theme editor option. On the right-hand side scroll down and find the theme header and paste this HTML code in it. Again visit your search console pannel and click on verify button.


You can add plugin in your wordpress named header footer code and directly paste this code there too and verify it.

Google analytics

If you had already attached a google analytics account with your website. It will automatically verify your website. CONDITION “Your google analytics code should be verified from the same account from you want to varify your google search console”.

Your analytics should be placed in the head tag of your website. If you already added that but it still isn’t verifying it? Go to your analytics dashboard and edit permission for the google analytics property. We had already published a blog on how to use Google analytics.

Google tag manager

If you are using google tag manager just click on the varify button. Yes it’s done it is so simple : )

Domain name provider

Don’t expect any explanation from us. We had already explained it in the domain option. Find it and follow that steps

Sitemaps submission in google search console

It’s really important to submit your sitemaps to your google search console. It will help you to increase your website crawlability. Because google database is so big and it can be lazy to get each and every update of your webpage.

How to add Sitemap.xml to your google search console?

Begin with WordPress sites, If you are using Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress it will automatically generate your website sitemaps. If you are not using Yoast SEO then go back to your wp-admin and install Yoast SEO now. Don’t paste all sitemap.xml URLs in your google search console, paste only the pages you want to crawl.

To find your Sitemaps file go to your website’s home page URL and type you will get a URL list. Copy only important sitemap URL that you want to crawl eg. post-sitemap.xml, page-sitemap.xml, or category-sitemap.xml. And paste your sitemap to your google search console on the left-hand side in Index lists.

Submitting sitemap of HTML website

The process of submitting a sitemap to the Google search console of the HTML & CSS website is similar as we explained just above. But if you didn’t have any sitemap on your HTML website.

Viste Sitemap Generator paste your URL in it, generate a sitemap and download sitemap files to your system. And upload these files to your public.html into your Cpanel. Again visit your website and paste useful sitemap links you want to crawl.

The installation part is completed

Wait But it still isn’t showing anything else. Is it submitted or not? of course yes it is!! It takes a minimum of 48hrs to analyze your website.
But the question is how to use google search console for SEO?

Wait dear this game is started from now. let us begin from the very beginning, We will cover all parts from the overview of the google search console to about part of the google search console. Their usage and how can you implement it in SEO too.

Overview Report of Google Search Console

It will show you the overview report of the whole google search console performance, Coverage, and Enhancement (Core web vitals, Mobile usability, products, or site link search box)


It shows your overall search performance of your website you can view or download this report to your system too. It shows total clicks, total impressions, average ctr, and average position.

By scrolling down you can get a detailed view of all queries, pages, countries, devices, search appearance, and dates. You can use this data to boost your website traffic organically. I Know you still didn’t get how can use this data to boost your website ranking. Let make it simple with this example,

I am having a website and my website has a lot of pages. So it’s hard to decide for me to focus on which Web page more. So I visit my google search console I will check which of my page is getting the highest impression or clicks. I found my “X” page ranking on “YZ” queries in a specific country. So I will make a strategy and put my focus on some specific page only.

By clicking on each query you can get detailed data of each query. You will get a detailed overview of pages clicked by users on particular queries on a particular page. You can optimize that page and get a better rank with efforts and boom your web performance.

URL Inspection

Put a URL in the search box of the google search console to get a detailed review of a particular URL. It will show is your webpage is on google or not. Does it having some issue or not. You can also view does google crawled and indexed it or not.

For example, you had made changes on your website but it’s too long that google had not crawled yet. You can put a request to google search console to recrawl and reined your page. Don’t pinch google webmaster every time to recrawl your website otherwise it may remove your request indexing button too.

On left hand side there is button of live test URl, so what purpose it is basically for. Google crawls are little bit lazy and report google again minimum of 48hrs.

So it’s harder for me to check real-time statuses such as crawling issues, webpage issues, or any server error that can harm my crawlability rate. That’s why the Google search console put this Live Test URL button to know real-time reports. So you can check the live status of your page.

Index Report of Google Search Console

All about Indexing and crawling report of your website.


A detailed report about site maps, Crawl:- last crawl date, Crawled as Google bot smartphone or web (mobile and webs having different crawlers). Is crawling is allowed or not on the specific page, did google successfully fetches your page or not.

The issue that Google is facing on your webpage while crawling your webpage. This part generates a report about errors, valid with a warning, valid and excluded pages. You need to regularly check and fix all issues to increase your website crawlability and web performance.


A sitemap helps Google to understand your website to which page you want to crawl and index. Scroll upside we had already explained how to install sitemaps in google search console step by step.


The world is full of spammers and competitors if someone is jealous of your web presence’s success. So there are a lot of chances that your competitor can do for you to reduce your SEO ranking such as backlink your website to a Spammy site or backlinking your page on the wrong keyword.

So you need to be aware of your activities happening on your website. Google won’t tell you who did this, but you can tell google that these backlinks are not created by you. To check your website backlinks you can use tools like SEM Rush, Ahreaf, Uber suggest, and many more with these tools.

So let’s back to our topics again let me explain these three topics.

Temporary Removals:- You can request google crawler to remove your specific page from google immediately with the help of the google search console.

OUTDATED CONTENT:- It’s clear by its name if your website is having any outdated content on your website and you don’t want to show that page on google you can request Google to remove it.

SAFESEARCH FILTERING:- You can check your removal request URL Status here. You can filter it too in URL, Requested, and Status.

Enhancements Report of Google Search Console

Google is more focused to mobile devices instead of computer devices. It’s happen to us so many time to us while we are working on we forgot to make our webpage mobile friendly.

Core Web Vitals

Google consider a page as poor URL if your page doesn’t open with in 2.5 sec it will consider your web page as poor URL. It will report you of that pages too that can be a good URL with little issue. For that use better hosting server, Reduce your image size and Use CDN and amp pages to increase your website speed.

Mobile usability

It collects data about mobile crawling or readability errors and valid pages. This section is really helpful for you if your most or the user from mobile devices. If it showing an issue find it on google and tell us to in the comment section.


If you had to own an eCommerce website then this report is useful to you. It will show most of the time missing value on your products page.

Security & Manual Actions

If your website has some issue that prevents your search performance on google. If any backlink or your competitor activity harming your website that affecting your search performance it will inform you. Check regularly if you are in cut-throat business and you are already ranking very well. You can request a review to inform google crawler to fix it.

Security Issue

Whenever the google search console detected any harmful activity on your website it informs you in a detailed report. Security issues can be malware, hacked URL injection, or Etc.


This feature of google search console can save you lot of off SEO time wasting activities. While in our SEO classes we all had read lot of quality backlinks, quality backlinks so many time. This feature of google search can help you to build quality backlinks. From here you can check which URL did Google crawler is considering or not.

For you are doing a lot of hard work on backlinking on so many web 2.0 submission site lists but Google considering only 5 of them. So you can remove your lot of extra useless work. But google search console is lit bit lazy so wait for some days.

You can check your website internal, external, top linking sites and top linked text. It’s provide a detailed view thing you need to do just click on it. Also you can export this report too your system too.


From here you can add your another delegated owner, check crawling status and learn about search console.

Property settings

Add or remove ownership from this option and If your website is shifted to the new address you can also inform google of that. Be careful while choosing a delegated owner because a delegated owner can do all activity that you can do. Such as page removal requests, contacts sitemaps and etc.

Crawl Status

You can check crawl statuses such as Total crawl request, Total download size, and average response time. If any page is responding or not how many OK pages are on your website, so helpful if you having so many pages on your website. All pages by file type such as HTML, JSON, or other file types.


Google search console is freemium tool by google it collects the data about your website either you install it or not. It ask for your verification from you to know the real owner of the website so it can share the report with you. I am not saying your website is going to boost your website after installing this code. You can analyze the data and make strategy to rank faster as compare to your normal strategy.

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