How to write a Blog Post?

When you think to start a blog writing or you are working in company. It’s hard for beginners or even experinced marketers to write a blog post daily that can bring 

traffic to website. Or for a beginner blogger to write a blog post daily that litrally convencible or user intrestable. This happens because most user don’t read the blog. Don’t worry dear I guarantee you your these simple problems is going to solved in this blog. 

Heres a summurry of this blog – 

read each and every point carefully because this blog is pill of your headache “how to write a blog post”

1. Know Your Audince

2. How to plan a Content

3. Writing A blog

4. Formatting of your Blog

 1. how to Know your Audience to write a blog post 

If you already write a blog post daily and you having good traffic on your website. But still, It’s isn’t profitable to You, which means you still haven’t identified your actual user. I am not telling you this stop writing on what you are writing at the present and getting good traffic. Don’t get mislead, Just write profitable blogs along with your blogging. 

But how would I know my audience?

Let me make it easier by this example ;- I am working in digital marketing industry But digital marketing is vast feild. So what would be my First step, my first step is I am going to providing Digital marketing service or Digital marketing Coaching? If I am going to Providing Digital marketing coaching, I will plan my blogs to target students to get better result. So I will write blogs like career in digital marketing, how to make money through digital marketing and etc. Analyise your comptiters and make data driven staratagy to reach right audince fast. I think its isn’t so hard to decide? If still yes then drop your comment let me help you to know your audince. 

You can make it more esier by using some free and paid tools.

1. Google keyword Planner

This is a 100% free tool and Gold for those, who are miser people like me. It’s simple just Drop your keyword in the Keyword planner see the get some ideas, That what people are really searching for. It’s Show’s an average result but when you are running ads its starts showing actual data. We can say it’s 100% true data because it’s although provided by google.


Yes, it’s a paid tool but you can call it the best competitor spy. The above tips are free but they are time taking process. It gives you the data from where your competitor getting traffic, on which keyword they are working. Even it shows on which platforms your competitors are running ads also. I leave it on you what is more important to you 100$ or your Time.

3. Quora 

Type your industry focusing Keyword and your mind will definitely get a direction. Quora is a 100% fee to use the tool you can implement in your industry. Read the questions carefully and find what users want to know from you.

2. How To plan content to write a blog post?

Once A wise person said if you are failed to plan means you are planning to fail. This is one of the most important parts that seem very time-wasting. If you invest your whole day in planning it will save you 4-5 hours daily. Let me make it simple for you, Imagine you are a builder and I give a contract to make my building.

You having so many great ideas and you prommise me to diliver it to me in 6 months. But you started your work without any planning and when you started its hard to dicide where to put kitchen, where to make hall, where to make bed rooms and etc. This procces will consume your a lot of time daily. But when you already had planned what you are going to work you just have to start work step by step.

Step 1. Create a blog editorial calendar

A blog editorial calendar is like a time table period as we all use in school. Because if you want to work regularly you need a discipline or a deadline. But If you are writing a blog your self no-one is going to giving you deadlines you are self boss of yourself. But if want to be a successful blogger you need to be disciplined. Comment inbox if you want to see my blog editorial calendar

Step 2. keyword planning 

If your 15 topics are already planned do keyword research of all keywords of your 15 topics. Do deep keyword research and invest a full day in keyword research. Try to work on micro-niche, never select an ocean topic like fashion, sports, or digital marketing, break it into parts. If I am a fashion blogger fashion is a vast industry so will break it into parts according to my needs. I will break it into women’s and men’s fashion and again men’s fashion and so on according to my need.

step 3. Analyze to 20 Search results

There’s is nothing different in google’s top search result, But the way of expression is different of all. You don’t need to research in Wikipedia or books to write a blog. All top result had done it before you, You just need to find what google actually wants to show. Read each and every blog very carefully note down Important points in your notebook, find gaps what they missed. When your research is done put it in a mind map and close all the tabs and start writing it notepad. Never try to put others’ blogs in the content re-writer tool, Remember Google is 1000 times smarter than us. Not only google But Also users will not get what you want to explain it can destroy your whole blog. There is no shortcut to success you just need to work smart and in a disciplined way.  

Step 3. Create a mind map 

Use to make an awesome mind map it’s so helpful for beginners or even expert use it to plan. It’s 100% free to use and also helpful to overcome your confusion. You can use it for both plannings of topic and structuring of your blog. 

Step 4. Structure your Blog 

Use coogle to structure your blog, it will help you what you are going write on blog. Plan it before start writing a blog to write better and fast without wasting your time. heres my Planing how I planned this blog before writing it.

3. Writing a Blog 

If you are directly jumped to this section then I promise you still can’t write a blog post. This is the basic and legit format to grab increase your content quality.

Blog Format workstream

heading – 


( blog sumammary )

1.Sub Heading

– explanation

2. Sub heading explanation


  1- sub sub heading if require to make it user friendly

1.Sub Heading

– explaination

Conclusion of your Blog. 

Step 1. The heading is more important than content 

In this present world every one is so busy and evryone needs every thing fast. So its the first impression of your Blog it will make easy to judge our blog is going to fullfil our problem or not. Always use eye catching headlines to grab your user attantion in 3- 5sec only 

Step 2. Use Subheading and short paragraph

Your content is unbreaked bread you can’t put whole bread in once to user mouth. Serve your blog in sub heading to make it eatable and digestable for your. Never Use long paragraphs it make your content scary try to break it in short paragraphs. Your paragraph should contain 3-5 sentences only to make it awosome and neat & Clean.

Step 3. Write an intro of your blog post

– Explain your whole blog in one short paragraph

– Leave a suspanse to trigger user to read your whole blog post

– Tell Your user how it would going to help them

– Use tabular content ( write heading of whole content in intro of the blog )

 4. Formatting of your Blog

This is the hardest and most important part of blog writing. It’s just like you had Cooked amazing food but didn’t serve it in the proper way to your user. 

We had already have a detailed blog on how to format your blog. 

Step 1. Read Your blog before publishing your blogpost

It’s just like tasting your food before serving it either Salt is more or chilly is more or whats missing in it. You just need to force your self to read your blog because it’s readly hard to listen our own recorded song.

Step 2. Use Images and infographics to make it more helpful 

You should have to use images to make your content interesting and more helpful for your user. Because an image can only explain a complicated sentence very easily.

Infograpics is way you have to explain your content through image only. It’s a iformative image thats why it’s called info-graphc

Step 3. Check grammar before publishing your blogpost

Use Grammarly to check your grammatical mistakes, But never 100% depend on tools only. Read your sentence carefully if the edit it suggesting right or wrong. Although it’s a program, not a human so it will go to work according to programming. 

Don’t try to be perfect

The perfect word exists only in the dictionary, not in the real world. There is nothing perfect in this world even scientists never claim them as perfect. Proficiency and perfectness are come according to time and how much time you are spending time on it. 

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