Simple 13 steps Blog Formatting Tips

An improper blog formatting can destroy your all content within a second. It’s just like you cooked delicious food but you didn’t serve it to your customer in a proper and beautiful way.

let us help you to serve your delecious content in a beutiful way.

Step 1. Always use a hooking statement.

A hooking statement is a bold headed line to hook a user on your web page. Because when a user visit first time to your website usually user scan your website and stuck where there is attractive bold heading, and that’s only chance where we can make him helpless to read our whole article. as usually we do in our regular life. the length of the hooking statement should be 5-7 words only

these three tips will help you to how to write a hooking statement

1 Pain Point or problem statement

2 Add surprising element

3 solution offering (loud prommise)

Step 2. Use an Eye Catching Image

Always use an high qaulity catching image. Bucause an image Always grab more attention than words. And make it more easy and intresting to read as usally we loves to read the books that explain a chapter or story with images. It express more than 90% intension of our content, that what we are going to explain in our content.

Step 3. Caption you Image

Some times it happens when you want express through image but user can realate. That what you realy wanted to because when you use an eye caching image it dosent mean that it should be going to match your content. So you need caption in image to support your image and user can realte your image intantion.

Step 4. Use Heading and Subheading

Heading is short undrstandable statements and sub heading classify your heading more clearly. The purpose of using heading and sub heading to make your content easy to understand as possible as we can.

Step 5. Give gaps between paragraph column

A short-short paragraph content is digastable for our user, its just like I give bread and put a full size bread in our mouth without breaking it, can you eat that bread? obviously not. so always try to break your pragraph coloumn into peaces so our user can digest it easily.

Try write a pragraph in between 55 to 100 character including space and fullstop, If you cant explain it in 55- 100 charachter try break it with quoma (,). Most experts views are it should be 80 character maximum.

Step 6. Proper font size

Always avoid cursive writing and other extra designed font family. Try to keep simple font family as much as we can. Because always keep in mind the font family you love your user will also going to love that.

You can use sans-serif font for better screen clearity, Test the font size in multiple screen like computer, mobile and tablet. You can check it just from your leptop screen just by pressing ctrl+ shift +I in windows and Command+Option+i in Mac. Dont make it too big so it like childish or dont make to small that a user cant see the font.

Step 7. Use table content

Table content gives a quick knowladge to our user. Always offer a table content if it can be use to show some data or other informational compairision. Never use it in begining of the post always try to keep it in middle or end of the post. So the user did not skip the whole content.

Step 8. Always avoid using of the slide bar

Slidebars are so distract full it’s just like you are trying to focus on your books and other side continues T.V channels are changing, Can you focus on your books obviously not. So instead of slidebar use images or infographics so user can focus on content.

Step 9. Use Lists

when you use list it make your very long content into short, It clerify your user how long is your content. Its just like I tell you to run 1km so there are so much possiblites that you can cover 60,80 or 100% race, but when I tell you only for run long distance but not how much, Which one is shorter race in coparison of both obviously first one.

So using of number and bulleted list to make clear user mind that how much he would going to read in your content. Over all blog formatting tips are to format your blog in way that it could be easy to digestible for every user.Step 10. Add emphasis

Emphasis means using of blockquote, capital laters and quotes. To give a special importance to our core focus lines so user didnt miss the focused part of our blog.
Its again a chance to hook a user that how informative is your content.

Step 11. Don’t forget to give useful links

Using internal and external links are extreamly helpful for a user. Becuase when you write a blog its realy very hard that user get clearify every topic. It isn’t possible to write each and every thing in a signal blog post. Its make a chain system so user didn’t get broke. Create an other blog to clearify a large topic or if you are lazy like just give link to other website.

Step 12. Use light background

Avoid colorfull background color because our eyes are not accaptible to capture so many colors. Its just Like you watch movie in theater and watch a nature scenes like mountains and forest. Having a colorful blog is good but having a simple and white background blog is always eyes friendly content. As big website like google do.

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