Social Media Marketing Strategy: What is it, How to Make it.

We all know the power of social media and how much people are earning from that.
But how they are earning from that free platform?

We all are using it for free, Facebook is free, Instagram is free, Twitter is free, Youtube is free so how are they earning? Are they earning from ads?

obviously yes!! but only ads are the only formula of their earning? Obviously not!! So what they are, how they are making lakhs of dollars without ads. Read this blog carefully to create a successful social media marketing strategy

For whom this article is helpful?

  • A 9-5 job person who wants to be an influencer and earn ten times more than his boss.
  • A business owner who wan to grow his business.
  • One who wants to be an Influencer.

Step 1. Define your Final Goal

You had decided to go on an adventure and you had started your tour in the forest, but you still don’t know what is your final destination. Can you Imagine how’s your journey? Obviously horrible. So before starting any type of journey First you need to define your final goal.

Defining a goal clears your mind where you really want to go. Our final goal is always is to generate revenue or getting business. So as a business or Job person, my final goal is getting sales or leads. And an Influencer I want to influence a huge audience. But as an Influencer, my final goal is also getting business.

Step 2. Define your Audience

Imagine you are promoting high-end products like Gucci or Zara. So all the audience can’t be my targeted audience, Right!!! So my first step before marketing my product I need to filter the Usefull audience. But as a new business, I am not a big brand like Gucci or Zara. And If I want to be an influencer I am not having any product so which people are my real audience? Follow these simple steps and define your audience in copy-pen.

  • Age of your targeted audience
  • Gender of your audience (Maybe both)
  • Educational background of your audience
  • The purchasing power of your targeted audience
  • The social class of your audience
  • Location of your audience
  • Habits of your audience (ASUME IT)

Step 3. Planning of Content

Now you had identified your goal and audience. Now it’s time to plan your content according to your targeted audience. But you are confused about what to serve your audience. As a product seller, the term is simply to give an amazing offer and attract an audience. But as an influencer or service seller, you are going to give business to me? For example, You are a digital marketing agency owner who wants to sell your services.

So I want to target only those people who are interested in digital marketing service or who they are frustrated with getting leads or sales. So I will educate them to get better leads, or I will find their pain points. I will tell in the way that I am the only one in the world that can help them.

As an influencer my Need to be creative, more personalized, and engaging. So people can trust me and my words influence them easily. For example, I am a marketing blogger and my final goal is to sell my online course. So, I will educate my audience about digital marketing And how following some steps I got this success.

This is the most important part we all need to follow irrespective of any industry. Because once a legend said:-
If you fail to plan that means you are planning to fail- Benjamin Franklin.

Step 4. Making a Content Calendar

Now you had decided who is your audience and what content you going to present to your targeted audience. Now it’s time to plan on what time you going to publish on your social media account. For that, You need to know which type of format is allowed on which format. To create an excel sheet of content format and content type.

This is the basic sheet of content format and types of Facebook and Instagram.

Now Publish Time

Now the base of your strategy is ready now it’s time to start building its upper story. Let’s get started with Facebook and Instagram. These are the most famous social media platform. Facebook has a high mature audience and Instagram having a high number of young and active audiences.

You can filter your more focus according to your audience. We are going to work on both but we can’t focus on one multi-platform at a time. We have a detailed blog on how to create a Facebook marketing strategy and How to create an Instagram marketing strategy.

Optimize your Facebook Page and Instagram Account.

  1. If you’re a business owner you should add your business brand name according to your segment. For eg:- TriangleClick – Digital Marketing Company or If you want to promote your self use your own name.
  2. Add your logo if want promotes your business and if you want to be an influencer add your own picture. Post headshot photo so even in a small circle your profile is easy to recognize.
  3. Add an Impressive cover image don’t have an idea what to upload see observe your competitor For Eg. if you are a new small shoe brand even a big brand like PUMA is also your competitor
  4. Tell about yourself in detail in the description section.
  5. Add your contact details Such as active e-mail address, Phone Number(for Businesses), personal website link (if any), Other accounts link such as Instagram. but in Instagram you can’t add more than 2 links so you can use IG(Instagram), Link, You can create a simple landing page from you can see each and every profile link.
  6. Turn off visitors’ posts to restrict anyone to post or spam on your page follow these steps to turn off visitor posts.
    1. Visit your page
    2. Go to settings
    3. Click to general settings
    4. Find Visitors post and Disable posts by other people on the Page
  7. Add highlights story of your product or service or if you are an influencer you can highlight your own stories. Add an attractive cover to your highlights must be helpful to your followers or your customers.

Promotion Part

  1. Publish regularly – “no gap of single even single day” if you know your next day is going to so busy schedule your posts with the help of creator studio.
  2. Don’t publish boring posts either it’s a brand or if you want to be an influencer find a way to entertain your audience.
  3. Run Initial ads – Social media ads are really cheap you don’t need a huge marketing budget to promote on social media. You can even run even one dollar ad a day.
  4. upload more personalized Such as live videos tell about yourself, Talk to your followers, reply to them, upload questionable or curiosity generator post to increase your post engagement. Because all of the social media platforms work on the same algorithm. They always show only that post in which the user is interested not on that whom they are following.

We would never suggest you go for organic reach at beginning of your Social media marketing journey their it’s a business or for the influencer. Organic reach can kill your all motivation in the first month only. We all want to see instant results we can’t wait for a long to see results. So the formula is really simple for a social media marketing strategy is simple to define your goal, filter your audience, plan your content, publish and promote regularly.

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