what triangle click offers
in website designing services?

Are you looking for Website designing services that had time to understand your business? TriangleClick website designing service spends a couple of days to understand your business. Find what your user really want and what are the best ways to promote convert your visitors into customers. TriangleClick website design is a fully SEO optimized website so your website not only looks awesome but also ranks well. A fully responsive website with complete tag optimization, Speed optimization, crawling errors fixing, database integration, SEO optimized content, and many more. That helps your business to rule convert more and more leads and sales.

Improve user experience

If you want that user will use your service or product again and again you need to focus on this part too. TriangleClick website designing agency cares about your user experience to maintain your business reputation. When a user visits your website from any device and your website doesn’t open properly makes your business unprofessional. And no one wants to represent its business in a professional way.

WordPress website desiging

Did you know more than 70% of all websites on the internet are developed and designed on WordPress? Because it’s really easy to manage a WordPress website without knowing to code. TriangleClick WordPress website designing services also help its, clients, to understand WordPress. So you don’t need to depend on any developer or designer to make daily changes such as content posting, Plugin installation, email checking, and many more. We provide a fully SEO optimized, with super-fast loading time WordPress website. 



A website developed on platforms such as HTML, CSS, and Jquery known as a static website. This is really helpful for that business that just needs an online presence. A static website design is a very affordable option for these business owners. TriangleClick website design services know your needs, understand your business and provide the best solution for your business. With our revolutionary digital marketing services, you can get unexpected revenue without ranking on the top of Google. Get in touch with us to know how?



Having a website isn’t enough to get leads or sales to your business. Search engine optimization increases your website visibility in SERP(Search Engine Result Pages). Our expert team helps your business to rank higher on the search result. That gives your business a long-term profit, increases brand value, acquires a huge relevant new audience. Increase your website traffic get more clicks to get more sales, more leads. To boost your business revenue with high-value users. Our mission is not only your website looks great but also ranks well.


You have an awesome product but you failed to represent it in an awesome way. Can drop your sales or leads and your brand value too. The design of your ads and social media posts tells a lot about your product. TriangleClick social media banner and poster designing services help you to represent your business in a way that your user really love. Our designing expert’s team understands your business creates an eye-catching design. With keeping in mind that your brand image got printed in your user’s mind with their expert tools such as photoshop, illustrator, and others.



Your website design may look awesome but google always loves a content-rich website. Google always wants to give fresh knowledge to its users as like we love fresh things. TriangleClick content writer experts do expert keyword research with their expert tools such as Google keyword planner, SEM Rush. They optimize your website content find and fix duplicate content that helps you to get a high search engine ranking. Our team writes awesome content for your website to convert your visitor into customers.


Are you a seller and didn’t getting satisfied sales or your shop having only the same customers? Businesses can survive for a long time with the same customers but can’t grow. TriangleClick E-commerce website designing services make an awesome SEO optimized Plus mobile responsive website. E-commerce website design includes three plans basic, advance and enterprise. It depends on so many factors such as Company size, number of employees, and many more. Get in touch with TringleClick Website Designing services to know which one is going to best fit you.


Did you know google’s mobile-focused search engine more than desktop? Because more than 52% of users are accessing the internet through mobile phone And it’s continuously increasing. If your website is not mobile responsive your website will be going to kick out soon from the search results. Our responsive website designing services makes your website all type of device access maybe it I-phone 5 or a widescreen Ipad. Approach TriangleClick website designing services to improve your user experience and get loved by google to earn more than your competitor.



The logo is the only way to describe your business in a 400*400px picture. So we can’t miss the chance to explain our business in 2 seconds. TriangleClick Logo designing services create a speaking 2d-3d speaking logo. Our expert designer knows your requirement and land your imagination into reality. Your logo is your brand identity because whenever people remind your business your brand logo comes to their mind. Get in touch With TriangleClick logo designing team to tell your requirement and turn your Imagination into reality.


Having an awesome landing page on your website can drive 23% more sales as compared to your website. The landing page is part of the website that is focused on a specific product or service. That helps your business to create a better sales funnel. With the help of google analytics, you can filter that high-value user. And you can use that data for retargeting and marketing your audience to boost your business. TriangleClick website designing services create an awesome user converting landing page to boost your sales.


Is your website losing its ranking day by day or your visitors isn’t converting into your customers. It depends on so many reasons your visitors into your customers such as 1. Your website taking a huge time to load 2. May your user having a problem during payment 3. Google found so many broken links or spam links. (Created By your competitor) And the list is too big. Get in touch with TriangleClick digital Marketing services to maintain and improve your website performance. Our Team finds and fixes all the issues related to your website.



Conversion report optimization is a process of understanding and monitoring your user behavior. To create a better sales strategy to boost your online sales. Proper placement of CTA(call to action) buttons, perfect size of the image at the perfect palace, and awesome content. Through conversion report optimization TriangleClick Website Designing Services Helps your business to create a results-driven strategy. TriangleClick web designing services care of your website all issues from its loading speed to converting Visitors to customers

Advantages of responvie webiste designing

We all know the speed of technology and how fast it’s changing itself. That makes it easier and cheaper for every type people to enjoy the taste of technology. Revolution in mobile devices and cheaper internet cost make much easier for user consume the internet. So each and every type of user can access websites very easily. So there is a huge number of audience available on the internet.

Also made easier for business owners to promote their business on internet. Your user can access your website through any device. That’s why you need a responsive website so your can consume your content easily. It made your content easy to read without any in-out zooming of the user device. End horizontal scrolling headache by auto-adjusting itself according to the screen size. Reduce your website speed loading time along with attractive design. A responsive website also affects your search engine ranking too. Google algorithm is working focusing more on mobile usability.

Increase your website traffic

If your website is the only desktop-focused according to your strategy. I suggest you change your strategy because I found these statics on the internet. More than half of the internet traffic comes from mobile around 52% (source;). 

So don’t miss such a huge audience if you want to survive your business in 2021. A responsive website design auto-detect the screen resolution and adjust itself. Its grab all the user coming from a tablet, iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows lines and etc.


Faster development at low cost

The cost of responsive website design is really cheaper than app development. Developing a website that is compatible with all devices may in one website. Because when you develop an app you need to create two platforms IOs and android. So it saves you a lot of cost on developing the same business for different platforms. Plus a responsive website developer charges a very less cost per hour as compared to an app developer. Modification in website design is really easy as compared to app development.

Low maintenance

A responsive website designing is easy to maintain even a non-technical person also can manage it. TriangleClick website designing service also helps and educate website owner to apply basic customize. Such as changes in content, tags, and basic need that we need to change regularly. Having two different websites for different platforms needs double efforts and double men’s power to maintain. But with the help of responsive website designing help webpages fits alone in all.

Improve user experience

If you want that user will use your service or product again and again you need to focus on this part too. TriangleClick website designing agency cares about your user experience to maintain your business reputation. When a user visits your website from any device and your website doesn’t open properly makes your business unprofessional. And no one wants to represent its business in a professional way.

Faster page response

Had you remembered yourself waiting for any website open in 20, 30, 40sec, or more? obviously not!!! Yes, that’s what your user don’t want they can’t wait because low attention span. Plus Google doesn’t want to rank the website that website took time more than 3sec. Because Google loves what its user love not what a website owner loves. TriangleClick website design service minimal your website code manging its attractive design to boost your web performance.

Low bounce rate

Bounce rate is when a user visited your website and doesn’t do any activity and returns back from the same page. A responsive website design help website oner to get more clicks on their web page. A website with a low bounce rate also drives more sales and leads to business. Having a low bounce rate on your website also improves your search engine ranking. TriangleClick website designing helps you to reduce your bounce rate and increase website engagement and drive more leads and sales.

High conversion rate

Your website is your first impression in front of your user and no one represents itself ugly at first. Especially those who have a long vision to grow their business. A responsive website designing converts your new customer. As like a handsome guy impresses girls faster than a fat-looking average man. TriangleClick website design agency makes your website more smoother and optimizable. To convert more and more of your new users into your customers.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Website designing paly a vital role in your search engine ranking. While designing we have to keep in mind so many things. Such as user experience, crawlable by tag optimization to get priority than your competitor. It’s 100% in the hand of your developer so we can’t miss the chance to get 100 of 100 marks. Google ranking is not controlled by google decide it but we can improve it following google guidelines. So we can improve our search engine visibility.

Easy to track analytics reporting

From which source your user is coming, how they interacting with your website. Helps you to plan a better strategy to get more leads and sales. Multiple websites for multiple platforms need more men power and more expanse to manage. Plus multiple websites need of the same purpose needs multiple thank you pages, multiple conversion reports, and many more headaches. But a responsive website design is applicable for all platforms. Make it easier to track user data in one platform.

Why Choose TriangleClick Website Designing Services?

Well, there are a lot of companies are available in the market then why you go for TriangleClick Web designing Services. Because We are satisfaction delivery machine and work until your full satisfaction. Our website designer takes care of your website should be fast, responsive, and look trustworthy. We strict to your deadlines and deliver your satisfied designs in your given times.

Direct Communication with Designers

TringleClick Website Designing Agency is transparent to its clients and provides a direct communication facility with its website designer. You can Monitor, guide, and can order make changes to your website designing according to your need. You can schedule calls or live meeting with your website designers directly. According to your budget or your need, you can modify your website designing.

Experience Say's All About Us

TriangleClick web designing agency is a group of experienced website designers. From full-fledged E-commerce Website design to single page static HTML and CSS single Page we had done all it before. Our designer team Observes and implements the trends and changes according to your industry. We have a passionate adaptable website design practitioner who is update-to-date with all trends to deliver you quality results.

100% Mobile Responsive

More than half of internet searches made by mobile phone. Therefore search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo has shifted there focus more on a mobile device. It’s our duty and guarantee that your website design will look amazing and responds according to screen size. Right placement of CTA(call to actions) buttons so your user can easily navigate to your website and convert into customers of your service or product.

SEO Optimized Website

We care that your website must look better, respond better, open faster and rank better. TriangleClick website design agency delivers you a fully SEO-optimized website. Proper placements of internal and external links, Canonical tags, Breadcrumb, 404-page redirects, title tags, meta tags, and other meta tags. Plus we ensure your website must open in 3 seconds(Google’s Suggested) to reduce your website Bounce rate.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

That’s what each and every person needs in this world “Satisfaction”. TriangleClick cares and respects your satisfaction and works until you get fully satisfied with our website designs. You have all options to customize your website design according to your need. You can schedule a live zoom meeting with our website designer to make changes on your website according to your need at any time without paying any extra cost.

Marketing Services Support

Along with website design services we provide a full-fledged digital marketing service too. After a website is live on the internet thing we need visitors as like we open a new store and we need customers to make a profit-making business. We help you to promote your business and grab the eyes of your product needy user from different platforms. That helps your business to Grow in J-Curve for a long-term profit.

24/7 live support

As we told you earlier we are active like chimps and available for you at any time. We love to disturb by you so don’t need to face any issue or problems. Your Feedback is the business fuel that helps us to grow like you. You can schedule a zoom meeting or WhatsApp us directly for any help at any time. When you partner with TriangleClick Website design Agency you got full expert team support.

Customized Website Designs

Partnering with TriangleClick Website Design Services gives you 100’s of customizing options. You can hire an experienced full-time freelance website designer from TrinagleClick. And you can instruct our designer according to your business need such as E-commerce website designs, Password protected pages, Custom CTA placement, and many more. Get a fully customized website according to your budget and needs.

Content Copywriting

The most Important factor to convert your visitors into customers. Plus Google’s first priority than any other factors a unique and attractive content. To rank higher on google and another search engine we need a unique content and readable content. So both Google bots or crawlers and users can understand our website. Proper placements of focus keywords and use full helps you to increase your search engine rankings.

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Frequently asked questions

In most of the cases website are designed by a individual website designer. So it can understand clients needs and implement according to them on website. It take at least 50-100 HRS to design a 6-8 pages website but it vary from business to business. For faster development we increase team, we add more designer to your project. So we could deliver your website design as fast as it can be.

Website cost depends on many factor such as number of pages, website functionality, Levels of designing, Platforms, Images, Animation client need on it’s website. A common service website with 4-5 pages basic designs, basic functionality and WordPress platforms cost you around 1000$. But again it’s depend on many factors it can be low or higher depends on your budget and needs.

It include website solution such as WordPress website design, e-commerce website design, Static website design focused on usability and responsiveness. Website design companies keep in mind while designing a website. That your website must look attractive, trust worthy, loads faster and should be SEO optimized for better search engine ranking.

Your website is first impression of any business and a better website design can increase your conversion by 213%. A better website design helps user to easy to navigate and it directly effect to sales and leads on your business. Better Website design helps to rank higher on search engine by practicing On-page SEO on your website.

A website that follow Google guidelines such speed rule(must open in 3sec), proper website hierarchy, tag optimization and many more. It helps your website rank higher on search engine such us Google, Yahoo, Bing and Etc. A website designer keep in mind SEO Practice while designing your website According to Google latest updates. So you can enjoy free traffic from search engine.